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GetSmart translations

GetSmart can now be easily translated to any language. The translated language is avilable as a DLL file. All you have to do is put the DLL somewhere, in the Configuration/Visual tab of GetSmart choose to use foriegn language and set the path to the DLL.

If you wish to translate GetSmart, there are two packages available:
The first is a DLL in English. With the help of a resource editor and a Hex editor you should be able to translate the file.
The second way requires you to have Visual c++. you can download the DLL source files, easily edit the resources and compile to a new DLL. This is way is preferred as it will also ease updating the DLL when a new version of GetSmart comes out.
If you have decided to translate GetSmart, let us know so we could warn other users not to translate to the same language.

The DLL contains all of GetSmart's Bitmaps, so if you just want to change our buttons or backgrounds, you can take the English DLL and change it there.

Translations for download

Russian translation (0.8 build 09) - Viacheslav Maliuhin
Hebrew translation (0.8 build 09)

Please note:

These translations were created by GetSmart users and they are in no way supported by us. If you have any comments, you can Email to the author of the translation.
If you do find something which is offending in any way, do let us know and we'll remove it.

GetSmart will work fine with translations for previous versions. If anything new was added, it will be shown in English but eveything else should look fine.

Packages to allow translating GetSmart

Package for using with Visual c++ (you must have Visual c++).

The DLL in English (You'll have to use a resource and Hex editor).