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The smartest download manager around!


What can GetSmart do?

  • GetSmart will split a file up to 6 parts and will download them simultaneously. For jammed connections this will increase the speed by up to 5 times! (instead of having one connection downloading the file, you will get as many as 6 connections, each downloading a different part of the file).
  • GetSmart will allow you to browse an FTP, like an FTP client and select files to download using it's unique abilities.
  • It will count the time where no data arrives (timout) and if it passes a specific time, GetSmart will abort and resume, without quitting the FTP - this will result in another speed increase.
  • It has special hammering system for those busy sites - up to 5 tasks which will hammer a site.
  • Advanced users can see a console which shows what really is going on in the FTP/HTTP terminal.
  • Whenever resuming a file, GetSmart will compare the last bytes of your local file to the file on the server to insure that the local file is right and not corrupted.
  • GetSmart will use tray icons, and will show a download progress as a slowly filled tray icon. When finished it will not pop up messages disturbing you, it will flash and wait untill you double click it.
  • GetSmart supports mirrors. For any download you can add mirrors, but GetSmart can even FTP search for mirrors automatically. It will ping them all and find the fastest.
  • It can catch clicks from the clipboard, which allows starting downloads easily.
  • It will have many more options soon.


How do I increase my downloads speed with GetSmart ?

To make things short - Download a file using GetSmart and choose in the split option - 6.

GetSmart can significantly increase the speed when downloading from a server which you have a bad connection with. If you use a 33.6k modem and download a file with a speed of 0.9k bytes/sec, than you are not using all the speed you can get. What GetSmart does is splitting a file into 2-6 parts and download them simultaneously. Since the connection is bad there are times when no data arrives but since you do not use only one connection but as many as 6, data will probably will be transfered in at least one of those connections. This has been tested and found that a speed can be increase by up to 5 times than any other download client. Try it yourself and please comment me how it did.

Please follow this link to get detailed instructions about using GetSmart.