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GetSmart - Preview version

Version: GetSmart 0.9 Build 10

Last Updated: 02 July, 1999 13:00 GMT

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Version 0.9 build 11 - Bug fixes

This update contains some small bug fixes to the prior build.

Location #1: Hypermart, Inc. Server



Location #2: XOOM, Inc. Server


Version 0.9 build 10 - First 0.9 release!

Please read the following if you intend to use the new version as it contains some important issues. To make things short, this version doesn't introduce our full new GUI interface. We have decided to implement the new interface in stages.

Interface changes:
We've changed all the ListViews and it is now possible to choose a background either a solid color or a bitmap. You can now change the columns order by just dragging them, customize the colors of the texts and use a dynamic background (when using bitmaps) which means that whenever you move a window it looks like that window moves over the background (just try it). There's a new configuration tab which allows configuring all the listview stuff.

GetSmart to GetSmart:
ICQ has set the standard of chatting between two users which are currently online. But where it concerns file transfer between two users that's a different story. You could try using icq but it doesn't really cut it. You'd probably find a public FTP server upload the file and let your friend download it from there. As you probably figured by now GetSmart 0.9 supports file transfer between two online users which both must run GetSmart 0.9. This will allow you to easily transfer files to your friends, and of course use splits when doing so.
The help documents are not yet updated so this is the only place you can get instructions to use this feature.
Each user has to enable the file transfer feature by pressing the new rightmost toolbar button. You should also enter a nick name in the appropriate field in the configuration/visual tab.
That's it you're setup. To actually start a transfer you need to find the IP number of the other user you wish to send the file to. The easiest way is to use ICQ for that. Just right click on the user and choose INFO. The IP number should appear in one of the fields. Some versions of ICQ (new ones) allow inside the info box to copy the info into the clipboard (you should see a small button left to the "ICQ #" field), if your ICQ supports that just click on that button. GetSmart will automatically detect the details and will popup a dialog box which will allow you to specify which file to offer. If you have an older version of ICQ or if you got your friend's IP not through ICQ, you'll find a new option in the "Advanced" menu of GetSmart which is "Offer a file to a user".

Components automatic update:
You can now check for a new version of GetSmart (you'll find that option under the help menu) and even choose to download and install it automatically.
Moreover GetSmart can now automatically update some of its external files. For example you will soon be able to go to the skins page, click on one of the skins and GetSmart will automatically download it and install the skin for you without doing anything!
This feature is already implemented in the 0.9 version but the skin page isn't. It will be done soon.

GetSmart now contains a new uninstall routine will should eliminate any previous issues with uninstalls.

Windows 2000 Beta 3 support:
This version was tested with the Windows 2000 Beta 3 and was found to run prefectly. Actually all previous versions of GetSmart should support windows 2000 but the new 0.9 version takes advantage over the new Windows' feature Layered windows. What it means is that you can make the small download windows half transparent (you can choose the amount of the the transparency in the skins tab) and the tool tips of the "thingy" will not only be half transparent but any mouse click over them will be transferred to the window beneath them.
These features will only work on Windows 2000. They will automatically be enabled when GetSmart will run on it.

Compatibility with previous versions:
GetSmart 0.9 should run fine with older versions configurations and download lists. If you are using a foreign language however it is recommended that you get back to the English language as you will not be able to use the new features.

First release:
As a first release of this version it may be expected for some bugs which couldn't be detected in our systems to appear. If you do encounter in such, please let us know so we could fix them.

Location #1: Hypermart, Inc. Server



Location #2: XOOM, Inc. Server




Page created on: 15-Aug-98
Page last updated on: 24-Oct-1998 19:40:37